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Raw HAWTHORN bee pollen, 150g

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Review / Question about the product
Hawthorn flowery branch-end (Crataegi flos cum foliis, Flower and leaves of hawthorn) is capable of: lowering the blood pressure, calms the nerves of the heart, regulates heart rhythm, and is good against atherosclerosis - cleanses the blood vessels from the inside, and does not dilate them like the medicaments, this is a significant difference in favor of hawthorn. It excels especially at cleansing the coronary arteries and has a very important property: it keeps the muscles of the heart and blood vessels flexible.
Recommended daily dose: 10 g
10 g
20 g
30 g
40 g
last out for: 15 days

2 rating

The raw hawthorn bee pollen is able to support healing mainly in the case of cardiovascular diseases, as well as in anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Hawthorn pollen improves the elasticity of blood vessels, enhances cardioprotection against the harmful effects of free radicals, controls the heart rate and speeds up recovery from cardiovascular diseases. [01.]

Raw hawthorn pollen supports the removal of fat deposits adhering to the walls of blood vessels or being present in other tissues, thus, it is also effective in a cholesterol-balancing and an antihypertensive diet.

It strengthens, revitalizes and calms the nervous system, reduces nervousness, irritability and anxiety, so it can also be used against insomnia.

When is it recommended to consume it?

The hawthorn plant is considered one of our best plants in folk medicine, but even according to “modern Western” medicine, for cardiovascular problems, mainly against high blood pressure and high LDL-cholesterol level. The heart-strengthening effects of hawthorn are also known, i.e., it improves the efficiency of heart function and energizes the heart muscles.

The Hawthorn bee pollen contains the active ingredients of the hawthorn plant in a concentrated form, which support the cardiovascular system, therefore, as the consumption of the plant itself, consuming the concentrated version of it, namely the hawthorn pollen, is also recommended for the problems discussed earlier. [02.]

In addition to these, hawthorn has sedative properties, too, it calms both the vascular system, vascular walls, and the nervous system. Thus, its use is also recommended for depression, anxiety and stressful conditions.

General dosage recommendations:

For healthy people, consumption of 10 to 20 grams per day is recommended.

The dosage of raw bee pollen for children: 5-10 g /day.

We can also mix it into milk, juice, fruit smoothies, yogurt, muesli/cereals, vegetable dishes, or lukewarm tea.

It is essential that whatever we mix it with, it should not be warmer than lukewarm, because heat destroys its valuable constituents.

Pollen can also be consumed in such a way that we half-fill a spoon with honey and put the pollen on top of it. This can be a good solution for those who like its taste less.

Pollen dosage in case of strengthening, conditioning and vitamin cures: consume 1 tablespoon (15 to 20g) of pollen 1 hour after meals. [03.]

Weight-loss diet with pollens

1-2 tablespoons of pollen can prolong the time to the next meal, thus it can be taken, for example, during periodic fasting, instead of breakfast or lunch, so one occasional meal is sufficient.

Due to its high vitamin and protein content, it partially replaces the usual diet. Its beneficial effect can be experienced permanently in case of prolonged use.

Anti-allergy effect

For individuals sensitive (allergic) to pollen(s), its consumption is recommended only with great caution!

To avoid allergic reactions, always start consuming it in small doses.

Individuals with sensitivity to pollen must start consuming it in small doses (1-2 pollen balls), thus, their bodies can become accustomed to the allergen and they may even become asymptomatic.

Hawthorn flowery branch-end has the following key benefits:

  • it lowers blood pressure,
  • calms the nerves of the heart/pacifies cardiac rhythm
  • regulates heart rate,
  • helps balance HDL / LDL cholesterol levels,
  • reduces inflammations at the vascular walls/walls of blood vessels
  • has an anti-atherosclerotic effect
  • cleanses the blood vessels from the inside

It excels especially at cleansing the coronary arteries and has a very important property: it keeps the muscles of the heart and blood vessels flexible.

The raw bee pollen is, in essence, a bio multivitamin

Pollen is the male gamete of a flowering plant. It is such a wonderful gift of nature as honey and propolis.

It has been clinically proven that bee pollen significantly reduces the side effects of chemotherapy. Pollen is rich in lecithin, which helps protect the nervous system. It also contains large amounts of nucleic acids, which protect cells from the effects of radioactive radiations. [04.]

The nutritional value of pollen is so high that it results in several hundred times weight gain in a one-week developmental stage of the bees.

Pollen also contains fats, about 20% of which are unsaturated, and when mixed with certain vitamins, it can prevent the development of arteriosclerosis.

Pollen has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, intestinal functions, restores appetite, helps overcome the most refractory fatigue or diseases that do not respond to treatment, supports the fight against nervous disorders, psychic depressions, prostate disorders, diabetes, and helps restore the lost masculinity.

It maintains the strength of those performing exhausting physical work, if they consume 30 to 40 grams of pollen a day.

Pollen regenerates the body faster, also improves appetite, contributes to better nutrient utilization, and enhances mental activity.

Consumer well-being improves with the consumption of pollen and an increased activity can be achieved.

Thanks to the high tryptophan content of the pollen, it can also be used effectively against hair loss.

The hawthorn bee pollen strengthens the cardiac muscle, which is also proven by the fact that racehorses also receive pollen mixed into their feed.

Related research studies:

  • [01.] Systematic review of the Hawthorne effect: New concepts are needed to study research participation effects - doi: 10.1016/j.jclinepi.2013.08.015
  • [02.] Effect of Crataegus Usage in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: An Evidence-Based Approach - doi: 10.1155/2013/149363
  • [03.] The Application of Pollen as a Functional Food and Feed Ingredient—The Present and Perspectives - doi: 10.3390/biom10010084
  • [04.] Review of the anticancer activities of bee products - doi: 10.12980/APJTB.4.2014C1262

Ingredients: 100% Raw Hawthorn Pollen

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